Great chapter book recommendations for your child!

The year 2019 produced some amazing chapter books! Here's what you should read, including a lovely title by Ruskin Bond!

Sudha Murty's new chapter book is an absolute delight!

Sudha Murty's wonderful new chapter book for children is narrated from the point of view of her adorable golden retriever named Gopi! Your kids will absolutely love this book because it perfectly captures the joy of growing up with an animal and the incredible experiences they give a child.

Blue elephants and runaway peacocks -- our book picks for this month!

We give you three books we read and loved this month!

6 Amazing Christmas Gifts from India for Teachers!

Scarves, paintings or food, go a little out of the ordinary and gift your children's teachers some very thoughtful Christmas gifts. We give you some simple but fabulous suggestions.

7 Kinds of Board books For Your Baby's Little Library!

We give you 7 kinds of board books that every baby's library should have.

A soulfully hilarious picture book on cricket by Natasha Sharma

Natasha Sharma's new book on cricket is perfect for a lover of any sport but it will hold a magical place in the heart of any Indian who loves cricket.

Two beautiful new picture on Indian breakfasts and New Years!

Breakfasts of India and New Years of India are two beautiful books on India published through crowdfunding by Kutuki!

An Indian American Family in the US: Celebrating Diwali and Halloween!

An Indian American mum in the US talks about her humorous experiences celebrating Diwali and Halloween simultaneously!

6 Traditional and Fabulous Picture Books for Kids on Diwali

Looking for traditional books that tell your child how and why Diwali is celebrated? We have you covered! All these 8 gorgeous books will bring light into your homes and introduce your child to the Indian Festival of Lights.

7 Diwali Sweets With a Crossover Flavor

Diwali is here and we bring you 7 Diwali sweets with a crossover flavor. From instant choco nariyal laddus to baked spicy Shankarapali, these recipes combine the best flavors of India and the rest of the world. Enjoy!


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