Must-See Museums for Kids in California!

If museums make your kids groan about how boring they are, here is a round-up of 6 of our favorite hands-on museums for kids in California!

Two Beautiful Little Garden Stories for Your Preschooler!

We review two beautiful picture book for preschoolers by Niyatee Parikh Sharma -- The Tomato Thief and The Tomato Flood! Both are part of her exciting and magical Tomato series, garden stories about Veer and his sister Ananya.

Book Review: The Truth About the Tooth

The Truth About the Tooth is a story spun around the religious belief of an old woman and the wonders that faith can do!

Book Review and Giveaway: Ten Heads for Tanuj by Priya Narayanan

'Ten Heads for Tanuj' by Priya Narayanan is a hilarious, engrossing and completely entertaining story about Tanuj, who idolizes a particular Lanka King with ten heads. One day, Tanuj wakes up to find that he also has ten heads!

Traditional Recipes that Make Diwali What it is!

We give you traditional Diwali recipes that you just shouldn't miss making on the Festival of Lights!

The Toka Playhouse: Here's How I Made the American Doll look Indian!

The Toka Playhouse reviews dolls,  flashcards, toys, books, clothes, stationery and anything that is specifically curated for the global Indian mum and kids.

An Indian American Family in the US: Celebrating Diwali and Halloween!

An Indian American mum in the US talks about her humorous experiences celebrating Diwali and Halloween simultaneously!

Book Review: 'R2i: Return to India, A Tale of Living "India-genously"

The book R2i: Return to India, A Tale of Living "India-geniously" by Parth Pandya, is an honest account of the author's own experience of moving back to India.

Book Review and Giveaway: 'Diwali Fun With Mouse in the House' by Shivangi Mathur

Shivangi Mathur's Diwali Fun With Mouse in the House is a lovely Indian version of the elf on the shelf, a mouse in the house who teaches the children all about Diwali! We are having a giveaway, so don't miss it!

American Vegetables in Indian Food: We Give You 6 Recipes!

American vegetables in Indian food! From leeks sambar to asparagus chutney and more, we bring you some yummy cross-cultural recipes!


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