Effect of Screen Time on Motor Skills: The Smartphone Generation is not Ready to Write

Teachers are seeing more and more kindergarteners whose fingers are not ready to write. What can parents do about it?

14 Books You Should Absolutely Read Aloud to Your Kids!

Here are 14 books we think are a lot of fun to read aloud!

Children's Book Review: I Love Yoga

This mum and her child are head over heels in love with I Love Yoga, a picture book that introduces kids to yoga and different asanas. Today's world has become very industrial and concrete and our chances of getting close to nature are becoming highly challenging.

4 Indian Picture Books For Father's Day!

Giggi and Daddy by Richa Jha is a lovely alternative story to the birth stories that our children simply love hearing!

Our Book Picks This Week!

This week, we received three lovely picture books, by Sandhya Rao, Priya Narayanan and Anita Raina Thapan. All three are delightful and memorable in their own way.  Read and learn all about Zakir Hussain and Srinivasa Ramanujan! Find out about the frogs in Rohan's garden and why they stopped singing.

This brand new children's book celebrates India's eco warriors

A brand new book from Duckbill, an imprint of Penguin Random House, '10 Indian Champions Who Are Fighting to Save the Planet' by Bijal Vachharajani and Radha Rangarajan is a great read that really gets the reader excited about conservation and environmentalism.

17 Books to Read on World Environment Day

We give you 17 beautiful children's books on World Environment Day!

Two Beautiful Little Garden Stories for Your Preschooler!

We review two beautiful picture book for preschoolers by Niyatee Parikh Sharma -- The Tomato Flood and the Tomato Thief! Both are part of her exciting and magical Tomato series, garden stories about Veer and his sister Ananya.

The Toka Box Must-Watch Indian Movie List!

During our time at home, my daughter and I have been watching a lot of wonderful Hindi movies that are great for children too. Apart from rediscovering old favourites like Lagaan and Swades, we have discovered new gems like Dangal, Makdee, and Chillar Party!

10 Amazing Picture Books on Grandparents!

There is something special about grandparents, isn't there? We give you 10 amazing Indian picture books that describe a child's relationship with his or her grandparents and the presence of grandparents in a child's life.


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