An unusual superhero and a traditional Indian art form!

Written by Archana Mohan, Yaksha is a beautiful little picture book about a schoolboy who revives interest in an ancient Indian art form.

21 Children's Books About India to Celebrate Independence Day

You'd be amazed at the variety of books available on India and the Indian Independence, for children. From picture books and chapter books to activity books and books on heritage, we have listed the best ones!

Now what's the name of that yummy white food from Kerala?

In this masterful and hilarious picture book, Sumi Chandrasekharan writes about an absent-minded foodie in Kerala who just can't remember the name of a food item that is soft and white but oh my, it is so yummy!

Board books from India to get baby talking!

These colorful board books take your baby into the world of vegetables and fruits that are universal yet quintessentially Indian! Filled with mesmerizing photos constructed to hold your child's curiosity, these books are perfect for babies to look at, recognize and name!

Time Travel to the Indus Valley Civilization with this Book!

Travel to the Indus Valley Civilization by spending a day with Thangam. Written by Katha's Geeta Dharmarajan, Thangam of Mehrgarh is a lovely peephole into the past!

These South Asian women have incredible stories to tell

Stories for South Asian Supergirls introduces our children to remarkable South Asian women who have shattered the glass ceiling and accomplished some remarkable things in diverse fields.

4 Chapter Books on the Majestic Tiger

We have 4 chapter books on Tigers that have won awards and won our approval!

A loveable, spirited Indian-American Girl has our heart!

Preethi Chandrasekhar tells us why Kashmira Seth's new early reader chapter book, 'Nina Soni, Former Best Friend' is a must-read for chapter book readers, and how the book even inspired her daughter to explore a food experiment!

Reading to Learn After Learning to Read

Are your children understanding what they read? Special educator and mum, Sangitha Krishnamurthi, gives us some strategies to assist with comprehension and in taking our kids to the next level of reading.

Your babies will feast on the language in this incredible board book on Indian food!

Filled with rich sounds from India and the English language, 'Chaat and Sweets' is a board book you simply shouldn't miss for your baby!


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