Sudha Murty's new chapter book is an exhilarating modern fairy tale

How the Sea Became Salty by Sudha Murty is a brilliant retelling of a beloved story and is the perfect chapter book for beginners!

A stunning little board book on Ganesha!

This beautiful and colorful little board book on Ganesha tells your babies all about the elephant-headed god whom we all love!

A fresh take on how Ganesha helped write a famous epic!

Gomathi Kannan tells us why 'Ganesha's Sweet Tooth' by Sanjay Patel reimagines a story from mythology in such a brilliant way and why her son loved it so much!

To the Land of the Gods with 'Ganesha's Mousecapade!'

Out of the few children's books on Ganesha that I have come across, this has been my personal favorite! Starting with the title which really caught my attention. Having a Disney fan at home we had heard of Mickey's Mousecapade, and we were surely intrigued to read about Ganesha's Mousecapade!

An interactive board book on the story of Rama and Sita!

Kahaani Purani is retold by Pridhee Kapoor Gupta and illustrated by Alicia D'Souza. It is a stunning board book for babies and toddlers. It narrates the story of Rama and Sita, and has many flaps and tabs that your kids will love! Not to be missed at any cost!

11 Picture Books on Lord Ganesha that are Perfect for Ganesh Chathurthi

Every year this time, we gear up to welcome the mighty Elephant-headed Lord Ganesha into our homes with pomp and fervor. At Toka Parent, we love Lord Ganesha and we love books! And what better way to get into the spirit of Ganesh Chathurthi, than with children's books, picture books and stories about Ganesha!

Your children will love these books about Lord Krishna!

From picture books and audiobooks to chapter books, we give you some amazing books on Lord Krishna, just in time for Janmashtami!

An unusual superhero and a traditional Indian art form!

Written by Archana Mohan, Yaksha is a beautiful little picture book about a schoolboy who revives interest in an ancient Indian art form.

21 Children's Books About India to Celebrate Independence Day

You'd be amazed at the variety of books available on India and the Indian Independence, for children. From picture books and chapter books to activity books and books on heritage, we have listed the best ones!

Now what's the name of that yummy white food from Kerala?

In this masterful and hilarious picture book, Sumi Chandrasekharan writes about an absent-minded foodie in Kerala who just can't remember the name of a food item that is soft and white but oh my, it is so yummy!

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