Holi Special! Bake Mawa Gujiyas with your Kids

posted by Vidhya , February 07, 2019

Cooking with kids is always fun.  It's a great family activity, and in fact, science encourages us to let our children cook along with us. As per the researchers at the University of Alberta, the easiest way to get kids to eat healthy food is to give them an apron!

As this month is all about Holi, our recipe is also a Holi special recipe. It is the Gujiya Recipe. It's the traditional gujiya presented in a modern way. I kept the steps simple and used a microwave and conventional oven to prepare this recipe. So it's a no-stove recipe. Also, I used the store bought milk powder to make the filling, which makes is easy for the kids to handle.

Here is the step by step pictorial recipe,


For the Outer Layer

For the Filling:

For the Glaze:


Preparing the Outer layer:

Step 1:


Step 2:

Step 3:

Preparing the filling:

Step 1:

Step 2:



Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Follow the same procedure and fill the remaining gujiyas too.

Baking & Glazing:

Let it cool and enjoy with your kid. :-)




Toka Chef Eureka Moment:

During filling and shaping the gujiyas.
I: Bring the edges and form a semi-circle. (I explained and showed him how to do one)
Kiddo: Ohh, it's like taco amma. Why can't you say like that? Place the filling like in taco and seal the edges. It's simple amma.
I: Rolling eyes and huh moment. (See how they relate the foods)

Toka Chef Yum Moment:

While tasting the filling,

Kiddo: The filling is so yum amma, why can't we eat just like that?
I: Grinning ear to ear as kiddo approved the filling. :-)


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