What Did The Monster Child Eat Today?

An unusual book that had my daughter talking for days, there is something delightful and satisfying about reading and immersing oneself in What Did the Monster Child Eat Today? My daughter's imagination feasted on its language and clever exaggerations. The book is about a little girl who asks us not to be fooled by how she looks -- she is a little monster inside her head! We see her proclaiming all that she eats because she is a monster child: eyeballs as runny as egg-yolk, delicious lice (instead of rice) crispies burnt extra black (we like all the play on words) and more. Every child is hungry for these kinds of bookish experiences and this was such a good meal for my daughter! Sampurna Chattarji's clever use of hyperbole and Vibha Surya's quirky illustrations bring a child's monstrous imagination to life.

Shweta Sharan says

Format: Paper back
Number of Pages:
Language: English

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