Warli Art & Skill Building for Preschoolers

Toka Junior Book Pick
Written by Gita Wolf, Illustrated by Ramesh Hengadi and Shantaram Dhadpe

The traditional Warli style of tribal art from western India is deceptively simple, yet very dynamic, almost like a series of fluid pictograms. People in Warli images are constantly on the move, always doing something. Taking a cue from this, each image in this book is a narrative built around a verb. Do! can be used in many ways – as a picture book, to learn language, to discover new stories on each page, to talk about village life, or to learn how to draw in the Warli style.
Toka Junior Activity
Warli Art Sticker Puzzle

Complete the Warli Art scene with stickers, talk about the what the warli art figures are doing and make your own stories! Animate the dynamic Warli Art puppet and make it Dance, Climb, Pull, Sleep,Eat and so on!

Format: Toka Box
Number of Pages:
Language: English

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