Visual Art for Preschoolers
Visual Art for Preschoolers
Visual Art for Preschoolers

Visual Art for Preschoolers


Age: 3-5

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Book: One and Many (English- Hindi Bilingual)
Author: Indu Sreekumar
, Illustrator: Deepa Balsavar

A bilingual English - Hindi book about the one and the many in our world full of differences, with illustrations that capture that world in joyous detail.

Activity: Colorful Sun Catcher
Preschoolers use tissue paper to assemble a simple collage, work on motor control and coordination, and use color to express feelings and moods.
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Skill: Visual Art for Preschoolers

We explore Light and Color by working on a visual art project - building a suncatcher! California Preschool Foundations focuses on developing skills in Visual Art for preschoolers while working on motor skills and self-expression.

“Loved this box because my child had a great time designing the sun catcher. My little one loved the colorful pages of ‘One and Many!’ These illustrations bring back memories of my childhood days. I remember dancing in the rain, playing hide and seek, and stargazing. I watched ripples in the pond after competing who could make a stone travel the farthest. The book brings us a step closer to nature creating a love for gadget-free outdoor games. Thanks to illustrator Deepa Balsavar, we enjoyed playing hours of 'I Spy' inspired games. We spotted specific objects from elaborate. We loved every minute of it!”

Gomathi Kannan says

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