The Gajapati Kulapati Bundle

The Gajapati Kulapati Bundle


Age: 3-5

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Author: Ashok Rajagopalan
Illustrator: Ashok Rajagopalan
Publisher: Tulika Books

Get the whole set! Four books from the hugely popular and much-loved Gajapati Kulapati series by renowned children's writer and illustrator, Ashok Rajagopalan! Tulika's picture books on the adorable elephant named Gajapati were huge hits ever since the first picture book came out in 2008. Get all four books in one bundle! The second book, 'Gajapati Kulapati Kalabaloosh!' The third, 'Gajapati Kulapati Gurrburrrrooom,' and the fourth, the brand new 'Gajapati Kulapati, Kalicha Kulicha!'

With repetitive sounds and words that rhythmically roll right through the pages, this story puts the zing back into storytelling and reading aloud. Bright, zesty pictures and dynamic visual text echo the lilt, making it one big book of fun.

I dare you to read a Gajapati book and not break into a smile. Gajapati Kulapati is a story about a big and loveable elephant named Gajapati who lives in a small village with his friends.The Gajapati books by Ashok Rajagopalan are hugely popular among parents and children! We absolutely could not stop giggling and we read this book many times!

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