Spatial Thinking with a Sari
Spatial Thinking with a Sari
Spatial Thinking with a Sari

Spatial Thinking with a Sari


Age: 6-8

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Book: Granny's Sari

Author: Asha Nehemiah, Illustrator: Subir Roy

Granny's favourite sari flies off in the breeze. A littlle girl accompanies her grandmother from place to place to help her find it.

An endearing story that very subtly teaches kids the value of giving and sharing. As Granny tells her grand-daughter, "When my sari was with me, it made me happy. After it flew away from me, it made so many people happy."

Activity: Paper Doll in a Sari

Create a Paper Doll wearing a Sari, explore spatial and 3D thinking! We also explore how saris are woven with a little weaving project of our own using jewel-toned recycled sari yarn, exploring spatial reasoning and pattern awareness!

Spatial Thinking is the way we navigate the world around us and is critical for many STEM careers. This month we explore Spatial Thinking in two ways - 1. Making the Paper doll involves thinking spatially, as the paper is wrapped and folded to create a Sari. 2. Weaving involves thinking spatially as well. As you weave you have go over and under the warp threads in a pattern and think about the opposite pattern of under and over as you return! Spatial reasoning and thinking also lead to advantages in Math skills at school. So get your 3D hat on and start your spatial exploration!

Format: Paperback
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“My 6 yr old daughter Akshaya loved making the saree project, very easy and quick project - kudos to you all for making it work!

Prabha Madhan says

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