Sita’s Chitwan: Not Just a Walk in Nepal’s First National Park

The beautiful Chitwan National Park in Nepal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with over 550 species of birds, animals and highlights like the one-horned rhino, leopards and Bengal tigers. Sita's father, Man Bahadur, works as the park's nature guide but eight-year-old Sita, having grown up in the park and around its animals, knows enough about the park to show visitors around too! She is unbridled in her enthusiasm for its flora and fauna, eager to share the park with its tourists. Man Bahadur is proud of her but tells her to also listen to the stillness of the jungle and to its hidden sounds. What happens when Sita comes face to face with a rhino? This beautiful and adventurous book is a wonderful way for children to enjoy a story and to learn about Nepal's first protected national park. The book also features an interview with Doma Paudel, Nepal's first female nature guide. She challenged the status quo and became a nature guide in 2017. The book mentions interesting forest related careers - nature guides, wildlife journalists, range officers, and even dendrologists or tree lovers who study trees in forests. Vibrant illustrations and the colors of the forest come alive in this fabulous book by Vaishali Shroff!

Shweta Sharan says

Format: Paperback
Number of Pages:
Language: English
Weight(oz): 5.4

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