Chitty – A Dog and Her Forest Farm

We are blown away by Serow's prose, their descriptions of the stunning monsoons in the Western Ghats with sheets of relentless rain, or how Chitty sits by the river Bedthi, which flows down the ghats as a wondrous waterfall and empties into the Arabian Sea. Human and canine feet crunching on dry leaves in the absolute stillness of the forest, every page of this book shines forth spendidly, filling us with curiosity and longing. Towards the end of the book, we marvel at the circle of life that Serow talks about and how she ties Chitty's own story to her beliefs.   Rajiv Eipe's illustrations match Serow's brilliant writing, word for word. Chitty herself is drawn so realistically that you almost reach out to touch her head or gaze into her beautiful eyes. You almost walk into the magnificence of the stars in the Western Ghats, or reach out to catch the flying termites that Chitty loves to chase. The forests come alive with Rajiv Eipe's illustrations and you are mesmerized. 

Shweta Sharan says

Format: Paperback
Number of Pages:
Language: English
Weight(oz): 5.47

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