Preschoolers Explore Day and Night
Preschoolers Explore Day and Night
Preschoolers Explore Day and Night

Preschoolers Explore Day and Night


Age: 3-5

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Book Pick: Where's The Sun?
Written by Niveditha Subramaniam and Illustrated by Janu Bhiva Ravate
One morning, a mother and child go in search of the sun. Their journey comes alive in a vast dotted landscape where lively birds, quick-footed animals and busy humans meet and share the forest, the river and the mountain… Where's the Sun? is a collaboration between a master Warli artist, a design student of IDC, IIT Mumbai, and the publishers

Activity: Explore Day and Night
Kids are naturally curious about their environment. The concept of day and night is important for them to understand how their daily activities follow a cycle. Teach them using this simple craft how we have day when the sun shines on earth and night when that part of the earth is turned away from the sun.
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Skill: The Concept of Day and Night for Preschoolers
Kids use a spinning globe to explore the concepts of Day and Night!
Day and Night is an interesting concept to teach preschoolers, especially when they may have family or friends living on the other side of the world. Use the craft to talk about earth's rotation and how when the Sun wakes up on one side of the world, it goes to sleep on the other side. More questions to ask - What do you do when it is day time and when it is night time? When do you hear birds?
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