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Ninja Nani & the Mad Mummy Mix-up!

Format: Paper back
Number of Pages:
Language: English

Ninja Nani & the Mad Mummy Mix-up!


Age: 9+

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Author: Lavanya Karthik
Publisher: Duckbill books

There's a mummy at the Gadbadnagar Museum! A real live--er, dead--mummy, and it's awake! And eating people!
GRAAAON!! Wait, it gets worse. Who's chasing Ninja Nani all over town, trying to uncover her secret identity? And who's battling three-headed snakes?
When Deepu and his friends find themselves trapped in the museum with the haunted mummy, there is only one person who can save them--but will Ninja Nani reach them in time? Or is she too busy ...CLICK CLICK CLICK

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