Indian History Bundle from Tokabox

The boxes in the Toka Box Indian History Bundle are -
1. Cave Art (Pre-History)
We make our own Cave Art paintings using Earth Paints!
Bonus Activities Include:
Dinosaurs Fossils Found in India, Make your own Dinosaur Fossil, Grow a Stalactite & Reconstruct the ancient super-continent of Gondwana
2. Indus Valley Civilization (IVC Era)
We explore what life was like in the Indian sub-continent 9000 years ago. We find out more about the artefacts and language of the past with immersive and fun activities! All materials included, as always!
3. Mahatma Gandhi (India's Independence Struggle)
We explore a DIY Drop Spindle and connect it with Gandhiji's Philosophy, We learn the ancient art of hand-spinning yarn using a drop spindle!

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