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How the Sea Became Salty

Format: Paper back
Number of Pages:
Language: English

How the Sea Became Salty


Age: 6-8
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Author: Sudha Murthy
Publisher: Puffin

"A long, long time ago, seawater was sweet and drinkable. How it became salty is a remarkable story."
India's favourite storyteller Sudha Murty brings alive this timeless tale with her inimitable wit and simplicity. Dotted with charming illustrations, this gorgeous chapter book is the ideal introduction for beginners to the world of Sudha Murty.

My daughter loved the book for its simplicity and narration. Ms. Murty is really a master storyteller and we just couldn't put the book down! This one is a superb addition to your bookshelf. It is perfect for very young readers who are new to Sudha Murty and also to those readers who want to break into chapter book reading. How the Sea Became Salty is a brilliant retelling of a beloved story and is the perfect chapter book for beginners!

Shweta Sharan says

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