Gond Art for Preschoolers
Gond Art for Preschoolers
Gond Art for Preschoolers

Gond Art for Preschoolers


Age: 3-5

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Book: One, Two, Tree
Written by Anushka Ravishankar, Illustrated by Sirish Rao and Durga Bai
The book is a tale of the numerous animals that are clambering up a tree! The book is essentially a number book, but gives its readers much, much more. It is a picture book and a nursery rhyme book too. The illustrations, which are from the Gond tribal tradition of central India are very attractive
Activity: Gond Art for Preschoolers
We explore Gond Art from central India with this box, focusing on the patterns that make this art form unique! We also explore dinosaur fossils, Indian dinosaurs and the relationship between Gond Art and pre-historic cave art found in central India.

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Skill: Pattern Awareness for Preschoolers
Awareness of patterns is a critical building block for mathematical reasoning! We see patterns in everyday life - like repeating stripes on a shirt ( red, blue, green) or on a tile on a floor and also in art. Gond Art uses repeated patterns of dots and stripes in paintings. Complete the border for your own Gond Art with repeated patterns of dots, squiggles, lines and more. Repeat colors in a pattern or even patterns in a pattern! Talk about and observe patterns in everyday life, building a skill that is important for future math abilities.

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