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Fruits and Vegetables of India
Fruits and Vegetables of India

2 stunning Wordless Board Books for babies and toddlers from the Toka Peanut Collection of highly recommended Board books!

Format: Hard cover
Number of Pages: 24
Dimensions: 125 × 125 mm
Language: English

Fruits and Vegetables of India


Age: 0-2

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Author: Jill Hartley
Illustrator: Jill Hartley
Publisher: Tara Books

Book: Fruits of India and Vegetables of India
Author and Illustrator: Jill Hartley
India is home to a rich variety of fruits and vegetables: some are local to the region, while others traveled thousands of miles and have since found a home here. This full-color board books introduce both rare and common Indian fruits and vegetables to the very young. Each book comes with a list of each topic’s words in English, with space to add words in your own language.

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