Diwali  Lights For Babies
Diwali  Lights For Babies

Diwali Lights For Babies


Age: 0-2
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Studies have shown representative toys are needed to boost a child's self-esteem and sense of identity. Having at least one representative doll from birth lets children "be seen" and sets them up with positive images from the outset. From skin color to ethnic clothes, this doll represents India's diversity in a most charming way!
Celebrate Diwali with the gift of self-love!

Included in the Box:
Book: Diwali Lights
by Rina Singh
Introduce your little one to the awe of Diwali through dazzling photographs and Singh's lyrical prose!

Play Kit:
A Diwali Doll made just for the little one.
The doll comes from Shivanjali Crafts, a social enterprise that works towards building a better future for underprivileged women in India.
Please choose from one of the following for the doll -
1. Boy Doll in Kurta Pajama
2. Girl Doll in Pavadai
3. Boy Doll in Veshtii

Format: Hard cover
Number of Pages:

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