Counting Tomatoes - Number Sense for Preschoolers

Ishaan really enjoyed this story. His favorite part is the naughty kids, and my favorite is the South Asian food—there’s something so comforting about seeing food you recognize in books. . 🎲 “Counting Tomatoes” – Super cute activity using red pompoms to represent tomatoes! Roll the dice, add tomatoes to your tomato plant, and color the counting sheet. Repeat. Ishaan had a lot of fun with this. The tomatoes have been traveling with him all around the house.

Saranya says

Skill of the Month: Number Sense for Preschoolers
Number Sense is the ability to understand what numbers are all about. It is not only the ability to count, it is also about quantification - that all numbers correspond to an exact quantity of a set of objects and number representation - that a numerical symbol like 5 corresponds to a quantity as well. A strong foundation in number sense is important for success in math!

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