Coral Woman : Dive into the Majestic World of Coral Reefs with Uma Mani!

We recommend this book for many reasons. It is beautifully written and intrigues the reader. Children also understand that life brings many surprises and we embark on some incredible adventures at 50 or 60! We also think that Uma's message about preserving coral reefs because they provide an important ecosystem for life underwater and also protect coastlines from damaging effects of tropical storms. Uma uses her paintings and her underwater videos to urge them to protect the corals. The book talks about how Uma now dreams of growing corals. She took another journey to the Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park in Tuticorin, which once had 21 islands and reefs that surrounded them but only 19 islands remain. Two islands went under the sea because the reefs that protected them from erosion are now gone. Uma then discovered how marine biologists are experimenting with replanting and growing corals at Vaan Island. This book is an incredible way to learn about conservation and saving the environment. Don't miss it! 

Shweta Sharan says

Format: Paperback
Number of Pages:
Language: English

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