CLEARANCE! - Doubling Numbers
CLEARANCE! - Doubling Numbers

CLEARANCE! - Doubling Numbers


Age: 6-8


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Book: King's Chessboard

Author: David Birch
, Illustrator: Devis Grebu

A story set in ancient India. A wise man refuses a King's reward, when the King insists on a reward, the wise man asks for a grain of rice for each square on the King's chessboard, doubling the amount he receives each day. Will all the rice in the King's granary suffice?

Activity:DIY Abacus
What happens when you double a number i.e. add a number to itself and keep doubling it again and again? Play with numbers easily with your own DIY Abacus to build Number sense - an intuitive understanding of numbers.

Skill: Math

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