Bilingual Panchatantra Bundle
Bilingual Panchatantra Bundle
Bilingual Panchatantra Bundle

Bilingual Panchatantra Bundle


Age: 6-8

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Author: Deepa Balsavar and Mariam Karim-Ahlawat
Illustrator: Amrita Kanther and Nancy Raj
Publisher: Tulika

"Two retellings from the Panchatantra!

The old snake is punished — but the frogs had better watch out! An unusual telling, which swings sympathy in favour of the snake. Stunning pictures are based on Channapatna wooden toys.

The lion and the fox scavenge for food in a barren forest. They strike a deal to share any available source. A woodcutter falls prey to his own greed. He lets the animal trick them. He realizes his folly when the fox names him brainless and shuts down his own escape route. The story brilliantly portrays the need for conservation. The ending will give a hard blow to young minds. It is a good way to understand our world and ecosystem in a new light."

Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 2
Dimensions: 7” x 8.5”
Language: English/Hindi
ISBN13: 978-81-8146-898-7, 978-81-8146-874-1

My son and I loved this book bundle! The books retell famous Panchatantra stories but also highlight modern themes and morals — environmental issues, empathy, the modern ecosystem and more. My son loved the books right away because they employ animal characters!

Gomathi Kannan says

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