Tughlaq and the Stolen Sweets

My daughter and I are huge fan of the History Mystery series by Natasha Sharma, published by Duckbill books. We love the Horrible Histories from Scholastic, the decades-old books published in the UK. Natasha Sharma's History Mystery series are somewhat similar but really unique books in their own right. The History Mystery books have irresistible plots and help our kids access history through humor and intrigue. I think we love the History Mystery stories more!  In Tughlaq and the Stolen Sweets, Muhammad bin Tughlaq, the generous yet hot-tempered Mughal ruler is convulsed with anger when his sugared melon sweets are missing. He hires people from his team to find the culprit. Of course, the book is historical fiction but parts of it are true. For instance, Natasha writes in the book's notes that Ibn Batuta really did have a boil on his bum (this part had my daughter in stitches by the way.) Muhammad bin Tughlaq is portrayed as an interesting ruler with many contradictions and this makes it interesting. Also, who doesn't love Natasha Sharma's sense of humor? Surely only kitten haters and fascist dictators. 

Shweta Sharan says

Format: Paperback
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Language: English

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