The Sage With Two Horns

We love how Sudha Murty narrates lesser known tales from Indian mythology, tales we never knew existed, which include such fascinating characters, themes and motivations. We have stories from the Ashtavakra Gita or the book of self-realization. We loved the story about the snake that stole earrings, and the author connects the story of Uttanka with rain clouds in the desert that are still called Uttanka Megha! We love the stories that explore famous Indian sculptures, statues and artwork. One in particular stood out. The story about the many statues of Kannagi really opens our eyes to Kannagi's story. We also loved The Way You Look at It, a story about a conversation between Karna and Krishna. One day, Karna is in a pensive mood and Krishna takes him aside to find out what is bothering him. Karna broods over why his mother abandoned him as a baby and compares his life with Krishna's own life. Krishna then encourages Karna and tells him that he is lucky to have someone like Duryodhana who supports him. Intelligent and astute as always, Krishna shows Karna how history will look at his many gifts and virtues. "If Duryodhana wins the war looming before us, the credit will go to you. Even if Yudhishthira wins, everybody will blame me because they think I am encouraging the war. Life is full of challenges and it is not fair to anybody." Life always has challenges, says Krishna. It all depends on how you look at it. Such stories encourage young readers to work their way through everyday problems and to tackle them.

Shweta Sharan says

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