Sari Dress Up Dolls
Sari Dress Up Dolls
Sari Dress Up Dolls

Sari Dress Up Dolls


Age: 3-5

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Creativity is an important factor for success in the 21st century! With this month's box, we explore a wordless picture book and an unstructured play kit. Wordless picture books put the child in charge of the storytelling and is an important way to build literacy skills. Unstructured play is an important aspect of play to build creativity and foster imagination. Free play is fundamental to the well-being of children so much so that the United Nations recognizes this as a basic human right!

Ammama's Sari
Written and Illustrated by Niveditha Subramaniam

Oh-oh! Ammama’s sari has a hole in it! So she gets down to some snipping and stitching. And the sari becomes a pretty curtain, a snug baby-sling, a perfect plaything for the cat . . . Niveditha Subramaniam’s stunningly textured cloth collages weave through the pages of this wordless picture book with the touch and feel of the sari. To her, they evoke comfortable sensory memories of her own Ammama — the grandmother for whom upcycling was as natural as being in a sari.

Sari Dress Up

We can't stress enough the importance of unstructured play. How about fostering a little imagination and culture along with it? Handover the saris and the accessories to your child and watch them come up with ideas of their own. The doll and the sarees are velcro-backed to make it easy for little hands.

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