Pranav, What Shape Would You Be

When she was 4, my daughter was a huge fan of Pranav's Picture by Nandini Nayar. She made me read it five times a day, maybe more! Pranav is a sweet and imaginative little boy who has these fun and endearing adventures with his mother. The biggest appeal of the Pranav books is the relationship between Pranav and his mother, a warm-hearted and fun person who truly understands him. The books are filled with lovely incidents that parents and children will definitely relate to and cherish. In this board book, Nandini Nayar brings back our favorite mother-son duo! Pranav wants to be a ball. His mother then rolls and wraps him up with dupattas and he becomes a big circle who rolls around. He is soon bored and wants to become a square. His mother finds a big box and cuts five holes - four for Pranav's arms and legs and one for his head. Pranav loves being a square but soon gets bored and moves on to other shapes. Finally, he wants to be only one shape - himself! A lovely way to explore shapes and objects instead of the customary board books that just mention shapes. We love the story. Pranav's mother resourcefully changes him into different shapes! The relationship between her and Pranav makes for a lovely shared reading experience. A definite must-read for the 0-2 age group!

Shweta Sharan says

Format: Hardcover
Number of Pages:
Language: English

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