India to the Rescue

History presents us with astonishing stories, stories that make us saucer-eyed and breathless with anticipation. The problem is that most non-fiction books for children that are based on history are a litany of facts and incidents.  Enter India to the Rescue, a riveting and action-packed book by Shruthi Rao about the Indian armed forces and their stupendous military operation saving the island state of Maldives from a surprise attack. This incident is part of history and of course, most of us know the ending, but it still feels new and suspenseful as we read it. The first chapter starts with how we can take over a country. What would we do if we wanted to take over the government of a country? We'd start with dominating the army, for one. We will also control other instruments of a free nation - the press, for instance. When we read this book, we feel like we are part of the mission. We take a secret flight on a fighter jet with a paratroopers, go on a tiny boat and sail in the darkness in the ocean, and step into the shoes of the general, the head of the Maldives government, the fighters -- as they charge into an unexpected battle of courage and grit.   We could not put this book down. This is an incredible way to hook all kinds of readers and not just lovers of history. Shruthi Rao wrote this book with Sushant Singh, a journalist and senior fellow at the Centre for Policy Research. An absolute must-read!   

Shweta Sharan says

Format: Paperback
Number of Pages:
Language: English

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