Explore the Indus Valley Civilization
Explore the Indus Valley Civilization
Explore the Indus Valley Civilization

Explore the Indus Valley Civilization


Age: 6-8

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Author: Geeta Dharmarajan
Illustrator: Mrinalini Sardar
Publisher: Katha

Book: Thangam of Mehrgarh
Author: Geeta Dharmarajan, Illustrator: Mrinalini Sardar
Thangam watches as the trade caravans halt at her well-made city, 9000 years ago at the heart of the Indus Valley Civilization. What was life like then for Thangam? Was she living just like you and me? Did she dream of traveling to far off lands?

Activity: Indus Valley Seals, Secret Scripts and Lapis Lazuli Necklaces
Indus Valley Seals are believed to have been a way to brand goods to be exported out of the Indus Valley!
Make your own seals
Create your own secret language or script!
Make a Lapis Lazuli necklace!.


We explore what life was like in the Indian sub-continent 9000 years ago. We find out more about the artefacts and language of the past with immersive and fun activities! All materials included, as always!

Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 32
Language: English

As a parent, I would most definitely recommend this book to all kids (age no bar). Firstly, it makes you want to travel back in time and witness life as it existed a long time ago. The book is filled with "Did you Knows' - which are a great way to get kids hooked. While giving a lesson in history, the book also makes it relatable to the kids of today! Even though it was a long time ago, there are a few important things, like family, a livelihood that always existed. My seven-year-old was also fascinated to learn some lovely new words from another era - Lapis lazuli, caravans, ceramic pots... she enjoyed it! They come out donning a new and improved vocabulary, derived from an age-old civilization.

Divya Ganesan says

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