Your babies will feast on the language in this incredible board book on Indian food! "Puffed-rice salad called bhel puri crackles when we chew, Say hello to plump samosas stuffed with minty mashed aloo." Isn't that just yummy? Are you salivating? Is your tummy growling? Children will feast on the language, the sounds, and the visual imagery. There's another reason why this book is so brilliant for toddlers. It comes with an activity that is such a nostalgic play and work tool, especially for us Indians. This activity is also perfect for working on those gross and fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Shweta Sharan says

Book: Chaat and Sweets
Author and Illustrator: Amy Wilson Sanger
Scrumptious collage art meets yummy text in this beautiful book exploring chaat! This board book is a complete sensory experience! It’s perfect for your little one exploring all the flavors and textures in South Asian food. After all, food is social history. We explore our senses through our food and our culture.

Play Kit: Wooden Roti Maker
Babies and toddlers do as we do! And every little one who has ever watched their parents or grandparents make roti wants in on the fun. Why not have their own food-grade wooden roti maker with which to play along? This box is powerful because sensory, cognitive, physical and emotional skills are built simultaneously.

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