Breakfasts of India
Breakfasts of India

Breakfasts of India


Age: 3-5

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Publisher: Kutuki

Breakfasts of India -- lip-smacking food from around the country!
Remember when we were children and we feasted on the language used to describe food in books by Enid Blyton, JRR Tolkien, and Ernest Hemingway? How we wished that someone could write about Indian food that way!

Format: Paper back
Number of Pages: 32
Language: English
ISBN13: 978-8194059639

My daughter and I loved this book for the sheer variety of food that is depicted in its pages.Breakfasts of India makes our childhood wishes come true! The book describes food to perfection -- crunchy Dal Pawaans, sweet and creamy Chira-doi-gur, misal pav with farsaan on top. Simply yummy, isn't it? We also liked the diversity of our country's breakfasts -- sweet, sour, crunchy, soft, creamy, tangy, stuffed or plain.

Shweta Sharan says

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