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Skill of the Month

Textural Play

Crafting has so many developmental benefits for preschoolers! It builds focus and concentration, ability to follow directions, problem solving, fine motor skills and patience! When we include textural elements in crafting, preschoolers also explore vocabulary and language used to describe these elements and supports their cognitive growth.

Rooster Raga

Toka Junior Book Pick

Rooster Raga

Written by Natasha Sharma, Illustrated by Priya Kuriyan

Do roosters sing ragas? Ruru does, but like all true artistes, discovers it after a struggle! This foot-tapping story, vibrantly illustrated, invites readers to move and sing, clap and tap along with the animated Ruru and friends.

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Textural Play for preschoolers

Toka Junior Activity

Textural Play with Rocking Ruru

We take inspiration from Priya Kuriyan's fabulous illustrations of Ruru, the Rooster and build our own "Rocking Ruru". Crafting and Textural Play elements are included in this activity. See the Skill of the Month for all the benefits!

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