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Explore the Sense of Taste

We explore the sense of taste and discover that we not only taste with our mouth but also with our nose and our eyes! We explore how color affects the food we eat, we mix colors and create new flavors and experiment with our sense of taste!

Pickle Mania

Toka Explorer Book Pick

Pickle Mania

Written By Srividhya Venkat and Illustrated by Shailja Jain Chougule

Nitya wants to be just like her grandfather, thatha, who enjoys eating fiery-hot red pickles. But her plea to taste them is turned down because pickles are “too spicy for children”. however, Nitya is not one to give up. When she finally gets her way, she is disappointed to discover that that they are indeed too spicy. What does she do to satisfy her ‘Pickle Mania’? a delightfully delicious story of a little girls resolve to have a Pickle of her own.

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The Flavor Challenge

Toka Explorer Activity

The Flavor Challenge

How does taste work? What is the nose's superpower? Does the color of a food affect our taste of it? We mix new colors and flavors, experiment with taste and record our discoveries!

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