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Skill of the Month

Visual-Spatial thinking

Just like tying your shoelace takes practice and challenges fine -motor skills and visual-spatial thinking, braiding challenges the very same skills. And regardless of gender, it is a practical life skill and a part of Montessori practical life jobs. Research indicates that spatial thinking is an important predictor for achievement in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

Sultan's Forest

Toka Explorer Book Pick

Sultan's Forest

Written By Kamla Bhasin and Photographed by Bina Kak

Tiger cub Sultan and his Ammi have a special friend they call Junglee Bina because she loves the jungle. Bina wanders there for hours, unafraid, and taking photographs. It is these stunning photos that show Sultan's life in the Ranthambore forest, even as he tells the story of a warm relationship between a woman and the wild.

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Dastkar Ranthambore Tiger

Toka Explorer Activity

Dastkar Ranthambore Tiger

Inspired by the iconic logo of the Dastkar Ranthambore project, we make a lovely pen stand that works on visual-spatial abilities and reminds us to do our part in environment conservation!

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