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Life Skills with Board Games

Boost bilingual language skills this month with a unique board game! Perfect for a no-screen, family game night where the second language takes center stage. Studies have shown board games build - increased attention span, teach important skills and life lessons, soothe anxiety, teach the value of teamwork, teach kids how to be a good loser and increase frustration tolerance. Kids also learn to detect patterns, plan ahead and strategize. Do it all in Hindi this month!

What a Song!

Toka Explorer Book Pick

What A Song!

Illustrated by Jitendra Thakur

There once lived a woman in a village who never sang! She did not know any songs! Naively, she asks her husband to buy her a song from the market. When no one is willing to sell him a song, the husband comes up with his own song, inspired by the animals he encounters. Does the song work? What makes it so special?

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Bilingual Board Game

Toka Explorer Activity

A Bilingual Vocabulary Board Game

A unique bilingual board game inspired by this month's book and the ancient game of Snakes and Ladders that originated in India!

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