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Explore Animation Basics

We explore the scientific principle known as persistence of vision, the basis of how animation works by combining STEM with Art!

Tiger in My Soup

Toka Explorer Book Pick

Tiger in My Soup

Written by Kashmira Sheth, Illustrated by Jeffrey Ebbeler

An adventurous boy defeats an unlikely foe in this story of reading, imagination, and tigers! Sometimes it’s almost impossible to get your big sister to read your favorite book to you. Sometimes you have to go to great lengths even to get her attention! But if you’re really creative and use your imagination, you might just get what you want. Take care, though, not to go too far. Once you conjure up a tiger, there’s no telling where it might lead…

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Toka Explorer Activity

Make a Thaumatrope

A thaumatrope is an optical toy that was popular in the 19th century. It uses the principles of persistence of vision to blend two pictures into one! Thaumatropes are often seen as important antecedents of motion pictures and in particular of animation! (Source: Wikipedia)

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