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STEM: Kitchen Science

Did you know? Kitchen science is a great blend of cultural and scientific learning. The easiest way to safely explore the science chemical reactions is right in your kitchen! With just a few interesting materials, get kids interested in science and curious about the world around them!
So out with your lab coat and let’s explore!

There is Roti In My Lunchbox

Toka Explorer Book Pick

There is Roti In My Lunchbox

Written by Niyati Desai-Kadakia, Illustrated by Shaunak Samvatsar

“There is Roti in my lunch box” is a story about Neha, a 6-year-old second generation Indian-American girl, who is trying to understand why the food in her lunch box is always so different from what her friends bring. In her attempt to understand the cultural diversity around, she explores her own complex identity: She expresses her need to feel part of the community she finds herself in, eat the food her friends eat and not feel singled out; but at the same time, she wants to accept and feel pride of her unique cultural heritage.
Neha’s character is a part of many American households. It is the story of a perceptive and sensitive young child caught between two cultures, and of parents trying to help her craft an identity that is whole and complete. This book touches on issues not typically addressed in picture books, and fills an important void in children’s literature for this group of children who are particularly vulnerable to feeling marginalized and different.
Combine this book with our play kit and your child will learn to experiment and work with science through food. They will also learn amazing things about food and the culture of different cuisines!

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Molecular Gastronomy

Toka Explorer Activity

Kitchen Science Experiments

We try out some fun and amazing kitchen science experiments with this month's kit. Get kids curious about the food they eat and open them up to different cuisines and unfamiliar food! Food is both science and culture. Get your child working across different domains and making connections that form the fulcrum of critical thinking.

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