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Found Object Fabric Collage Art Exploration

Found Objects are objects that have some everyday function and not really meant for art. An object has meaning because of the context we use it in. What happens when we use it to create something else? Look out for everyday objects, objects with interesting textures that you can use to create a collage along with the items in the box.
Using Found Objects is an exercise in figuring out how to use materials of different kinds and textures! Through collage children can be helped to see beauty in ordinary things and to grow in resourcefulness by appreciating the possibilities of using simple materials for art expression. What will you make?

Mukand And Riaz

Toka Explorer Book Pick

Mukand and Riaz

Written and Illustrated by Nina Sabnani

Mukand and Riaz by Nina Sabnani, published by Tulika Books is a story of a deep friendship between two boys, Mukand and Riaz set against the backdrop of the partition of India. The story strikes a chord and is deeply touching and all the more because it is based on the real-life story of the author's father. A perfect book for conversations around hard topics with your children. Click here for Nina Sabnani's Animation Film of Mukund and Riaz. The beautiful illustrations are applique work - found in Sindh, Pakistan and Gujarat, India.

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Found Object Fabric Collage Art Exploration

Toka Explorer Activity

Decorate your Alphabet

Personalize your initial with a Found Object Fabric Collage Art Exploration! Investigate colors, textures, form and materials with this open-ended art project!
Bonus Activity: Personalize your own cap

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