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Shipped Jan 2020

Skill of the Month

Prehistory of India

We explore prehistoric India, the ancient supercontinent Gondwana and dinosaur fossils found in India with a set of fun activities!

Cave Art

Toka Explorer Book Pick

Cave Art - The First Paintings

Written and Illustrated by Vishakha Chanchani

How did art begin? Where did colour come from, before paints in tubes and bottles? Taking a long step back in history, this book explores how the world's first artists may have tried their hand on the very first canvases — the walls of rocks and caves. Arising more from artistic imagination than archaeology, this story of art unfolds with photographs of the ancient paintings at the Bhimbetka Caves in Madhya Pradesh alongside creative reproductions of rock art.

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Cave Art for Kids

Toka Explorer Activity

Cave Art

We make our own Cave Art paintings using Earth Paints!
Bonus Activities Include:

    • 1. Dinosaurs Fossils Found in India
      2. Make your own Dinosaur Fossil
      3. Grow a Stalactite
      4. Reconstruct the ancient super-continent of Gondwana
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