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Visual Literacy

Visual literacy is broadly defined as the ability to “interpret and construct meaning from visual images”.
Visual Literacy includes understanding the language of art, recognizing the elements of art in their artwork like line, shape, color and texture, explaining why they made certain choices in their artwork and how their art tells a story!
It involves using creative and critical thinking skills! The art could express ideas about oneself or about themes, events, people, neighborhoods or communities.

Varsha's Varanasi

Toka Explorer Book Pick

Varsha's Varanasi

Written by Chitra Soundar, Illustrated by Soumitra Ranade

Chitra Soundar captures the flavour of Varanasi through Varsha, a young girl out in search of her father. Follow Varsha as she skips past the ghats by the river Ganges, and hurries through the narrow alleys of this timeless city. Page after page, Varanasi unfolds through the striking photo collages by Soumitra Ranade. The breathtaking story and pictures take you to this beautiful, ancient, and eternal Indian city.

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Mixed Media Photo Collage

Toka Explorer Activity

Mixed Media Photo Collage

Mixed media collage is a form of art that anyone can be successful in. This month’s book pick Varsha’s Varanasi is a great way to explore Visual Literacy as it has layers to be discovered via the vibrant, collaged photographs. Inspired by these collages, we make our own open-ended collage project on a 6x 6 x 1 inch wood canvas using interesting textures and elements.

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