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Exploring Geography with Rivers

Explore Rivers from a scientific, cultural, historic and spiritual perspective with this box. We hope this box sparks curiosity and questions and sets your child on a path of their own discoveries about rivers! 

Race of the Rivers

Toka Explorer Book Pick

Race of the Rivers

Written by Esther Syiem and Illustrated by Benedict Hynniewta

From the hills of Meghalaya, adventurous Ka Iew looks down at the sunny plains of Sylhet and challenges her sister Ka Ngot to a race. Who reaches first? A Khasi folktale, with luminous illustrations that evoke the landscape.

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River Diorama

Toka Explorer Activity

River Diorama

We explore a river's journey from the mountains to the ocean with a detailed diorama that will get kids thinking about the landscape around them. We also play a River Memory game about the seven spiritually important rivers of India. Each card of the game has unique Indian art associated with each river!

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