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Ramayana Stick Puppets
Ramayana Stick Puppets
Ramayana Stick Puppets

Skill: Storytelling
Puppets foster social interaction, communication, role-playing, imagination, storytelling, and listening! Use the puppets as aids to share the story of the Ramayana! We also continue to work on prewriting skills and scissor skills when building the puppet theatre!

Ramayana Stick Puppets


Age: 3-5

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Book: Amma, Tell Me About Ramayana
Amma, Tell Me About Ramayana
By Bhakthi Mathur and Maulshree Somani

One of the biggest epics ever written -- the Ramayana! From the birth of Rama to the defeat of Ravana, the exile, the love, the pain, loyalty, the treachery and the essence of all that makes the great epic, is now summarized in a small, beautiful poem for children written by the incomparable Bhakti Mathur and brought to life by the illustrations of Maulshree Somani.
Activity: Ramayana Stick Puppets
Make your own puppets with the principal protagonists of the Ramayana and bring the grand old story to life!

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